Why Use a Jumbo Cheque?

JumboCheques.co.uk are a UK Based Specialist in the Design and Production of Large Presentation Cheques

A big novelty cheque is a great way to gain maximum exposure and PR for your brand, cause of fundraising efforts.  Our large cheques are great promotional tools. 


Why use a Jumbo Cheque?

Experience shows that our customer achieve better results and more exposure when making a presentation with one of our large cheques.


Why hand over a standard cheque and miss a great proto opportunity, when you can make it an occasion to remember with one of our big presentation cheques?


Big cheques make a big impact and give you maximum exposure for your brand.


Publicity & PR Opportunities

Photographs of large cheque presentations help to grab the headlines.  It is no secret that a media release is more likely to be published if it is issued with a great photo.


Social media posts get more views, clicks, likes and shares when they are accompanied by an eye-catching image.


Large novelty presentation cheques give you a simple opportunity to turn your event into an amazing publicity opportunity for you and your brand.


When & Where to use a Jumbo Cheque

People use our jumbo cheques for all sort of events and occasions such as:

 - Charity donations

 - Sales promotions

 - Special events

 - Staff presentations

 - Employee awards

 - Prizes

 - Special gifts

 - Business / personal awards

 - Corporate sponsorship

 - Tournament / contest prizes

 - Store displays


What ever you need a jumbo cheque for, we can help you.


Large Charity Cheques

Fundraising for a charity or good cause is rewarding, not only can your efforts contribute money to their work, but your efforts can also help to raise awareness of the cause and encourage others to support them too.


Our range of large presentation cheques for fundraising helps you to create a great, high impact photo after your fundraising activity.  It is well documented that a media release, social media post or other communication has far more impact when accompanied by an eye-catching picture.